April 3, 2009

Tarot: 9 of Earth - Celebrating the Cosmological Life

I enter you - you enter me. I fill you up with love while you take my hand and lead me into the forest. In the forest many creatures resound. I hear the Raven - my internal self - it flies into the deep rich blue sky above the trees. I climb the tree to get closer to the infinite. I am reminded of my childhood friend Deb - we used to climb the trees all the time - forget who we are and live as an ancient being - one with the cosmos, singing wondrous love songs. Will I marry you when all the magic stops? Will I still be able to talk with the flowers, spin endlessly on the swing, and run barefoot through the garden?

Our dog Tee-bo jumps sky high - he can fly as he chases the ball. In the sandbox we make delicious mud pies - stack them up and release pleasure and caring through the universe. I ate that wondrous peach: I buried the pit behind the sandbox hoping it would grow miraculously into the ever loving tree of goodness and life. Was it like Adam and Eve? Would the fruit be forbidden like it was for them? Temptation - Evolution - Saturation.

I will grow the tree and each languid humid day I will pick one peach and eat it gloriously - what will God think of that? Perhaps I can grow a garden - till the soil - plant the seeds - watch them grow. Deb and I will dance through the garden with Tee-bo at our sides just like the Fool. Will God let us eat the fruit? Will we sin and be banished out of our wondrous garden? There will be plants of every size and shape - all the colors of the rainbow will burst forth - all will be glorious until the snake.

Will the snake eat its tail or will it direct us to the sacred knowledge? The snake whispers enticingly. We listen in rapt attention. I do not wish to leave. I look at my body and am ashamed - Deb looks at her naked body and turns away. The angel with the flaming sword directs us out. I wish to play - to jump - to scream joy and passion but now it is time to leave. "Never forget," is the command of God. "Go in peace - meditate on what you have lost and what you have gained. Wake up each morning with the sun dazzling your eyes and filling you with the ineffable sense of belonging and loving."

Deb and I step carefully, drift away from our beloved garden. I wake up feel the humid air, "Never forget" rings in my ears. I take Deb’s hand and we smile. It is time to dance - we shout and yelp jumping endlessly in the air. Soon we fly leaving the earth. Perhaps we can catch the chariot as it pulls the sun across the sky. We grow feathers and are no longer human. All is now - there is no past no future there is only now.

Soon I see my grandmother sipping tea and eating asparagus. She smiles and opens the door to Mercury - Hermes - Thoth. Thoth bring the fire, brings the knowledge. His winged feet carry him as we enter his domain. All my friends are floating through the door also. We decide to have a party - everyone is flapping their wings laughing and experiencing joy. The memory of the garden holds Deb in my mind for an instant but then we forget and laugh some more with the people we love.

"Go in Peace," says God. "I have given you all that you will need," he smiles. Deb and I go back to the party - we hold hands and sing songs. "Never forget," says God - but it is too late - we have already forgotten.