November 28, 2009

Guandu Temple: Homage to Tiger

Fish will swim upstream. Birds float gently in the rain. I came out of the tunnel to a scene of the river. Haze lies on the mountains. Turning around I see the 26-armed Buddha. What are you holding - I cannot remember. The color is red.

I go back through the tunnel. On the walls are low relief sculptures depicting scenes from tales I cannot understand. Periodically there will be a large window each filled with warriors, demons, 3-headed children, heroes and most prominently the great Tiger. Your spine twists around itself as you dance great Tiger.

I sat under the canopy. I cannot move - if I move they will see me and attack. There is the noise of water - they are going to pour water all over my back. I cannot move. Don't Look!

Oh great Tiger fill me with passion. Let the bright light burst the clouds. I see only grace and awe.

My leg aches but I still cannot move. A small child runs across the canopy floor screaming in a language I don't understand. The rain is now pouring down furiously. Gusts of wind lay down the rain in sheets. There is a sense of the mystical flower, like the lotus floating. In a dream world my eyes are blurred and out of focus.

Katie waves hello. I don't respond. How can I let such beauty go to waste? Get Up! Get Up! Don't let the dark images win - only light. The pain has lifted. Ease. Comfort. Peace. Thank you great Tiger for letting me see a small portion of your majesty.